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Each month Jack opens up his inner thoughts and shares them with us. He calls it “RUMINATIONS”. Trust us…this shit is just as bugged as the picture above!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. STUPID ASS BLACK BITCHES!!!!  We hope you enjoy!!

August 2017


I ain’t even got nuffin to say this month! Fuck it! This photo says it all! These Black Bitches ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!



July 2017                                        


                                                                                                                                 By Jack Meeyoff


Tiffany had the biggest ass I’d ever seen in my life! She was 5 ft. tall, her complexion was as black as space, she had no waist and a 60 inch ass!! No kidding! Yeah, she was the typical, dark skin THOT that could stop traffic in any hood, anywhere. I would see Tiffany stroll that huge ass everyday on the “block”. See, I had just bought this townhouse in the worst part of Wilmington, DE for a quick flip and she lived around the corner from my property. So eventually we kinda got to know each other through casual conversation. Well I wouldn’t call it a two way conversation as I spoke and she pretty much grunted, you know how black bitches sound! “Fuck, bitch, pussy, money, gay, dick, etc, etc”. Anyway, as I got to know Tiffany she really wasn’t that bad of a person, just a typical Savage Black bitch with 3 kids and no husband BUT she wasn’t  overly niggerfied. That’s why it hurt me when I actually heard the shots that took her life by some local dope boy who she had given AIDS. This was an absolute tragedy as many lives were affected by this unfortunate situation. As for me, I was especially lucky because if she would have caught me with a few beers in my system or some of that YAK….who knows? What? Oh no….I don’t mean I would have fucked her!! Awwww hellllllllll naw! My drunk ass would have told my workers to run a train on that ho or something and they would have fucked around, caught them “letters” and my house would have NEVER been completed!!! Me? Stick my dick in a Black Bitch?!?!! You done bumped yo muthafucken head!!!!!





June 2017

“Take my daughter to work day”

By Jack Meeyoff

Each April I participate in “Take your daughter to work day”. This April was very special day for me as I was able to take all three of my daughter’s AND my 2 granddaughter’s this year because I am one who firmly believes you can’t be too young to learn good work ethics. And they just love coming to daddy’s job because my corner office has a spectacular view of the town lake and golf-course. I think that’s the only reason why they like coming with me. (smile). Anyway, I hold the second highest position in my State for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The office can be quite hectic as HUD is a vital entity in communities across the country. The daily hustle and bustle keeps the day moving fast and there’s never a dull moment. But that’s all about to change now because these Nasty Ass BLACK, Klingon looking, Weave-Ratted, Hair Hatted Hooligan Bitches are getting their fucking Section 8 vouchers rescinded, just like their fucking HAIRLINE’S,  so now my office won’t smell like fucking sewer infected, Black Budussy from these Fat , Double Back and chin Ass, cottage cheese thigh having, BLONDE Weave wearing, tattoo’s of DICK wearing, 7 Bastard Kids having Skank cunts!!

Welp…it’s lunch time! Gotta take my kids and grand kids out to lunch! But just can’t wait to get back to mail out ALL those letters!! Mmm….mmm…mmm. Can’t wait!!!!! Ooohhh…may be able to get a few rounds of golf in as well! OH HAPPY DAY!! (chorus: OH HAPPY DAY……………..



May 2017

“Sunny, Happy Beach Days”

By Jack Meeyoff

So, this last weekend I took the family to Vero Beach in sunny Florida. Let me tell you something right here and right now! Vero Beach is an awesome place to visit and to live!  An exquisite, clean, low-keyed place with a beautiful beach within an even more beautiful town. There were great restaurants and friendly people all over the place. My son’s, daughter’s and grand-kids had the time of their lives. We shopped at the Vero Beach Outlets where I treated myself to a few Brooks Brothers shoes and slacks and completely ran through the Ralph Lauren Polo outlet. The youngsters enjoyed shopping at the Dooney & Bourke Factory Store and The Nike Outlet. Really nice place to shop gang!

So we went to the movies, we went star gazing and we even went kayaking on the Indian River Lagoon and it was awesome! It was hilarious as none of us had ever been kayaking before and it showed. We were out of place like a Black Bitch knowing who ANY of the fathers of her 6 bastard kids are OR the Ho standing at the alter to get married! Oh and of course the only NIGGAS down there were black bitches shop-lifting at the fucken Lane Bryant Outlet!!! GO FUCKING FIGURE!!! And you WEAVE RATTED, KLINGON BITCHES KNOW I AIN’T LYING!!! YOU JUST KNOW I AINT GOT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Vero Beach…….a great place to stay…….less the Nigga Bitches!!!



April 2017

“A Wonderful Winter Wonderland!”

By Jack Meeyoff

As Spring comes upon us love is in the air as the “cycle of life” boat rows merrily down the stream.  Most people enjoy Spring, Summer or Fall but Winter is my absolute favorite season, hands down! There’s nothing like Winter especially in The Big Apple. Watching billions of snowflakes come down from the heavens against the magnificent skyline has always been an alluring pastime of mine throughout the decades. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to see the entire city under a blanket of snow. I am especially happy for the children as they frolic in the snow full of innocence, laughter and joy as they happily play on this wonderful day off from school. Watching them brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. One little neighborhood boy, Timmy who’s about 12, reminds me of myself when I was a child. He can throw a snowball as accurate as a major- league pitcher and his snow forts look like they were built by a professional contractor. What a great kid that Timmy!  I sure hope Timmy doesn’t ruin his life fucking some low class, THOT, Weave-Ratted, Hair Hatted, Stank Pussy, 8 Bastard kid’s, 9 baby daddy having bitch! Ahhhhhhh… Winter…… isn’t it so beautiful?




March 2017                                                        

The Lady in Red”

By Jack Meeyoff

I can remember it like it was yesterday. How could I ever forget something like it? She was a brown skinned, black woman about 5’8, 140 pounds, she had dyed yellow-blonde hair, a red dress with yellow high heels and a yellow purse.  Her screams were loud and terrifying and it was obvious that she didn’t know the man that grabbed her and threw her in his black van. The man was white, in his 30’s and approximately 6ft. 200 pounds with a scar on his left jaw and a tattoo of a snake on his right arm. As the van screeched away I gave chase on foot and thank God I was able to jot down all the numbers on Ohio license plates!  It was surreal! I couldn’t believe I had just witnessed this terrifying abduction that would surely end in tragedy. I grabbed my cell phone with the quickness and agility of an old time Western gun slinger! My fingers dialed at the speed of light as I knew time was of the utmost essence! EACH AND EVERY SINGLE SECOND wasted could have meant a horrible fate was at hand!  My heart was pounding through my chest so hard that I could feel it touching my shirt!!!  Anxiously I listened to each ring and when the operator picked up I hysterically asked “Was the spread still 6 points for tonight’s NBA  basketball game and could I parlay with 2 other NCAA B-ball games!! Please…….. I’m begging you, I NEED ASSISTANCE NOW!”




  February 2017                                                                         

                                                                                                    “Sweet Love”
                                                                                                  by Jack Meeyoff

It was Summer in the late 1980’s. I was young, handsome, full of life and ever so madly in love with Shawna, my High School Sweetheart. She was the stars to my heaven, the wind beneath my sail and the light in my darkness…until she left me for another man. I was devastated that my honey blossom left me. I wept myself for many months until she came back to me. How could she do this? I was the one who loved her, the one who would have risked it all for her and even died for her.

Shawna came back a different woman, it was like the next man had torn a piece of her soul from her and thus mine as well. She came back to me a physically and mentally beaten woman, with bruises to show forth. He abused Shawna beyond belief and I cringed in horror as she told me about his violent outbursts. As I listened to her, I held her gently, wiped her tears and I knew she felt safe in my arms. We then proceeded to make sweet love but I was troubled. What troubled me the most while fucking this Ho was the thought “This Bitch NEVER let ME beat her! Fucking cunt!”









If you would like to see Ruminations on a weekly basis, please let us know!!!  SAVE YOURSELF BLACK MAN!



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