The “Classic Black Man” All-Stars


  • DAVID CARROLL – Love him, hate him or indifferent….doesn’t matter. He is called the “Intellectual Juggernaut” for a reason! He debates his intellectual equals, all others he teaches! Hands down the best meme creator I’ve ever seen. Can’t count how many times I’ve spit up my tea laughing at them shits. Dr. Carroll is simply A Weave Rat’s WORST NIGHTMARE! If you think his Youtube series are brutal….you ain’t seen SHIT until you’ve seen his “private classics” on Vimeo. TRUST US!!!!


  • Esoteric Sageness aka Lord Ikhnaton Aton – Hands down my  absolute favorite and probably the least known and most underrated Brother on this Hall of Fame list. An economist with sharp wit, undeniable intelligence and a twist of VERY PISSED OFFness! The man tells it like it is and doesn’t GIVE NO FUCKS!! His information about The Black Female Weave Rat is so damaging that YT had to “tame” this brother’s channel.  Lord I.A. holds no punches on Pookie, Ray-Ray and Man-Man. The brother gets in depth with the roots of Black Fuckery and he is hated by the Queans of FUCKERY!


  • BGS IBMOR – If this were a basketball team, he is the CENTER!! BGS is hands down the “professor” of this group and in my opinion, the patriarchal leader. He is the epitome of what a Black Father should be. His analysis and breakdown of The Moynihan Report and the 4th Industrial Revolution is beyond priceless! BGS discusses what black men REALLY need to concern themselves with and not dumb shit! If I had a basketball team, BGS is my center!


  • Kirigakure Jones – A black man of such intelligence, calm disposition and research talents makes him a serious threat to these Weave Rats, Edumucated Black Queans and SIMPS. He brings an in depth analysis of Black FUCKERY to the fullest! One bad Classic Man right here!


  • Brian Solange – This is the brother that dubbed the term “Weave Rat”! Oh Yes he did! Brian’s no-nonsense take on Black Fuckery and the mother’s that encourage it and protect it is beyond wicked! His tangents on these Weave Rats is cold, calculated and fucking hilarious! Piss this dude off, you’d better buckle up!!


  • Tommy Sotomayor – The most noted on this Hall of Fame list needs no introduction. Insanely talented, beyond funny and THE MOSTE HATED by the BT-900, 1000, 1100 and ED209’s. Tommy has the belts and you CAN’T take them!


  • Rom Wills – Dubbed The Field General, after Rommel The Desert Fox by BGS, brother Wills is another juggernaut who’s logic, demeanor and flat out honesty drives the Weave Rats insane. Rom is a force to be reckoned with.


  • The Reluctant Nabi – I can’t talk highly enough of this brother who cranks out facts, news stories and data on the Fuckery of Black Women like a maniac. Not only does this man educate Black Men on the evil that black women perpetrate on black men and boys, he actually puts up his OWN money to help brothers and sisters(non-WEAVE RATS) in need. Not only in the U.S. but South America too! This brother doesn’t just talk a good game to uplift black men…….HE DOES IT!!  “YOU SHALL KNOW HIM BY HIS WORKS!”


  • Hardcore Tito – Uh……I think his name says it all! Hard hitting and in your face when it comes to discussing a whole host of Black Fuckery and it’s roots! Fuck with him if ya want! I think the brother can kick ya ass too!


  • gw3 Extreme – This brother has it all! In depth scholarly research, not giving a fuckness, humor and very witty. The Weave Ratted Single Black Mother’s despise this brother with a passion. I love the guy! (No Homo)

Also check out his website:


  • Black Ram313 – This brother is the REAL DEAL! He is also the first brother that put me onto the concept of IBMOR(Introspective Black Man of Reform). Listen, the brother made videos like “The Black church creates Whores and Thugs” and “They are ALL whores”. Do I need to say anything else? I mean really?!! Black RAM….GOT DAMN!!!!!


Also check out the official IBMOR website:



  • The COON – This brother is funny as fuck and brutally honesty about Black Women. The COON is proud of his “Coon-ness” and will be the first to tell you…”Don’t feed the Niggly Bears and run for your lives!” He’s good man!!!


  • Shawn James – Shawn is educated, articulate and very calm under pressure. The Weave Rats and the single-raised bastard SIMPS can only stoop to ad hominem attacks on this brother because his logic and smooth demeanor are too much for them to handle. Bro be rockin’ the shit outta that High Top Fade!!!


  • Kid Organic – Bringing that heat with every video. Insightful, profound and controversial, this classic brother produces must see material!


  • Let’s B Frank – The Outlier, Productive, Progressive and always putting in work to advance the co-operation and association of Classic Brothers. Check him out!


  • Adigun Forest – Dude is like the Langston Hughes of The Classic Black Man-o-Sphere. Adigun is part poet, part philosopher and Weave Rat ASS KICKER!! Do yourselves a favor and check this brother out! Deep man……DEEP!!!!


  • Dwight Hayes – Now this brother may not have a YouTube Channel or any other social media website that I know of but HE SHOULD! D. Hayes’ is terrifyingly intelligent, sharp witted and has an affinity for putting his foot STRAIGHT UP the ass of these Weave Rats! Hayes….you need to go live bro!!!!! Maybe we can recruit him here at SYSBM!


  • Lawless Kartoonz – Multi-talented brother right here! He produces the funniest cartoons that exposes black fuckery to the fullest AND the brother gets DEEP! His book “SIMPaveli” is a MUST HAVE for all you manginas, SIMPS, CUCKHOLDS and flat out “The Black Woman is God” fucktards!


  • Dan Regal – This brother right here gets DEEPER than the deepest ocean. It only took us to watch just ONE of his videos to realize that this dude is an All-Star. His MGTOW video “Yes, ALL Women ARE Like That” is nothing short of a Masterpiece! We can’t stress enough the importance of listening to this brother. Dude is a BEAST!!!


  • Mad Bus Driver X – I saved this brother for last not because he is any lesser than the other brothers that proceeded him but rather because he is the INSPIRATION and FOUNDER of the SYSBM movement and a big reason why we created this website! We take NO CREDIT for the phrase Save Yourself Black Man or SYSBM. MBDX is the progenitor of this movement and has a vision for us Classic Black Men. And I for one, want to see it happen! MBDX, I stand up at attention and salute! And watch out for the Scraggle Daggle’s!!!

Also check out Mad Bus Driver’s Church of the Thinking Black Man:

Newest Editions:

  • The Guy King Channel: This brother came to chew bubble gum and kick ass! Whoops……he’s all outta bubble gum!! GK gets DEEP on our so-called “sistas” and SIMPS just alike. He comes with hard hitting facts and puts them straight in your face! Oh…..he good!!!!


  • The N3gro Ninja – OMG!!!! This brother is our newest favorite! The Negro Ninja is as real as it gets! Just the way he says “Bitches, Ho’s and Nyuuka” is worth it alone!! I can not stress enough how raw and funny this brother is! He goes IN HARD on these Scraggle Daggles!! I MEAN HARD!!!


  • Griffon Red – All I can say is hold onto your hats! The brother gets deep, holds no punches and will fuck around and put a Hex on dat ass if you cross him!! And I ain’t fucken joking either!! Piss him off if you want!

EBM (Escape Black Man) – This brother gives the Straight up, hands down best advice available! In a nutshell, he’s saying get THE FUCK OUTTA DODGE! When he says “Escape Black Man, he means that shit literally! And YOU need to listen to ALL of his videos, like RIGHT NOW!!!!


Jai Duval – Hold onto your hats folks!! This brother gives daily lessons to the brother’s that are BEYOND priceless! Listen to this brother if you’re tired of being a FUCKEN SIMP!! Oh,

it’s gonna hurt because it’s TRUE!!!!! He even gives out diploma’s upon successful completion!! Trust me YOU need his lessons!!


That Guy From The 6eh – This relatively new, up and coming brother on You Tube impressed me IMMEDIATELY with his logic, honesty thought provoking opinions. And he man’s up when he makes mistakes. Something these Weave Rats DO NOT INSTILL in black men these days!


Obsidian Network – The “Everyday Brother” has very good content and takes no prisoners.


BIGBKEL – Good information and tells it juts like it is.


Paul Demercado – Straight to the point with no bells and whistles……….just the FACTS!!


Four Us Black Men – This Brother STRONGLY recommends we get the Hell outta Dodge and travel abroad. Very good, informative, uplifting information he brings! The brother keeps it real and is definitely one to go check out!


Female Creatures – This mysterious individual shows us just how SAVAGE ALL BITCHES ARE! Proceed with CAUTION when watching this channel! The savagery is UNREAL!!!



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