In the spirit of Black Men’s solidarity wherever we may be found on planet earth, we welcome you and salute you.  In case you may be in the dark as to what SYSBM is, what it means and represents for black men worldwide, then pat yourself on the back.  You have arrived.  SYSBM is an anagram that literally means “SAVE YOUR SELF BLACK MAN”.  SYSBM is also a greeting and salutation that identifies and denotes both intellectual and kinetic actions of the shared and implemented efforts, ideas, experiences and ideologies of forward thinking, introspective and strategic Black Men that recognize that our obstacles both past and present, our shared experiences, goals and aspirations can only be met, overcome and achieved by US AND US ALONE!  SYSBM addresses and seeks to implement multiple solutions to any of the problems that black men share or encounter wherever they may be found on planet earth.  SYSBM addresses and encourages Black Men as to honestly and carefully examine and to take proactive measures for the improving of our current existence, our future existence and providence for generations to come on planet earth.  SYSBM, ideologically is a place where we plan, inspire, problem solve, creatively engage in healthy venting and share with other Black Men and to be completely and totally unapologetic for being who we are, saying and doing what we already know is NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE OUR GOALS!  We acknowledge that our only TRUE allies are found among other black men that share this ideology AND  the women in our lives that submit themselves to our leadership and our leadership ALONE.  Here, in this region of the Manosphere, we lead by the example of the putting away of our differences whether they be religious, inter-ethnic, national or economic and placing our emphasis on the cohesiveness of shared intellect and abilities based upon recorded and observed facts, mutual respect for those deserving of respect, uprightness of moral character, integrity and intrinsic brotherhood. Here we put our own arrows in our own quiver TOGETHER instead of firing arrows at each other based upon the aforementioned differences or at the behest of those that have proven for generations to seek our destruction and that the destroying of ourselves by ourselves is truly their favorite entertainment.  Many ideologies of the past and present are still in the doldrums of being in the face of “The System” or in the face the white man, etc. etc.  Here in this region of the manosphere, SYSBM is all about being in the shared, networked and collective spaces and faces of other black men that share this mentality SO we nor generations of black men after us will ever have to be in the faces of anyone else unless we choose to be.  Here we are building our own table and therefore WE DECIDE who can and who cannot sit at it. SYSBM and then SYSBM some more.



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